the infamous marsh.


OMG, what is this? Nah, man, this is hard to believe. I think this is what Kieron Richardson said about “filming something he has never filmed before”. Man, hollyoaks has done some pretty uncanny stuff but this takes the biscuit. Why can’t Ste and John Paul just have a happy ending and be happy? 😢😩


Retro!Ste Clips

Despite being a huge lover of ste i am not too dissapointed in the spoiler
Firstly because it is realistic for someone to relapse when things so downhill after havin a drugs problem
Secondly because i feel like its a good opportunity storyline wise for ste to properly bond with his family as i feel theres been a distance created and i for once would like to see ste gettin proper support as the past year losing his mother and doug and losing brendan because he is serving time i really don’t get the sense ste has dealt with the loss in his life i for one would love to see get some sort of counselling. We’ll see anyway.


I want Ste and Cameron to be mates. Ste never has any male friends. It’d also by nice if they remained as just friends.

Such a good potential for a strong friendship ste needs someone other than a boyfriend to look at for him